skyrim console commands List

Skyrim Console Commands List

One of the most important tools for modding in Skyrim is the skyrim console commands list. This is the name given to a collection of keys and codes, which are the heart of editing the game’s files. The basic information you need for skim modding is about 100 of these.

If you want to edit a single file, the simplest way to get this information is to use the console commands list. When you are playing the game, press the tilde key (~) to bring up the console, and then type the file name of the item you want to edit.

To replace an item that doesn’t exist, use the keyword instead of the new value, for example, “set home at location” to set the home at Fort Dawnguard. If you want to install an item as an NPC, you can use the NPC-upgrade keyword.

If you want to change your PC’s gender, use the player. Sexes command. Also you can add or remove weight by using the weight. Add or weight. Remove Poison by using the Poison command.

There are hundreds of NPC sets which you can use. It would be a real pain to edit them manually. What if you didn’t want to let NPCs move with the rest of the followers? You can use the npc. posn.

There are hundreds of other Fallout 4 console commands too. It would take you so much time to type them all out, but if you start using the list, it will quickly become second nature.

When you first get into Skyrim, make sure that you don’t forget anything. It is important to know how everything works.

As soon as you get used to the game, you can add more commands, but for now, just use the ones that you need. They are:

As a rule, there are two ways to use the console in Skyrim. It’s either to simply use the “T” key, or you can press the tilde key to enable the console.

It can also be used to tell an NPC to follow you. The script command “player.follow” is very useful.

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If you like to use the X button to look around, you can use the x key to open up the world map. You can also use the z key to open up the minimap. For more detailed information on these commands, try the Skyrim Wiki.


Finally, if you want to create your own NPC set, try the y key. This key brings up a dialogue box that allows you to set a custom name for an NPC. Pressing the enter key creates a custom name.